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Facts About Termites

  • Termite queens are believed to live 15-25 years and can lay an egg every 15 seconds.
  • There are over 40 species of termites in the United States.
  • Some termites can get into your house through cracks about as thick as a penny.

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The Best For Termite Protection

When the Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System was introduced in 1995, it revolutionized termite protection.

Rather than saturating the soil with liquid chemical solution, Sentricon uses Recruit™ termite bait strategically, while cleverly manipulating termite biology and behavior to destroy the termite colony.

The bottom line is this. We want to kill termites as much as you do. But we want to protect the environment as much as you do, too.

The Sentricon System® has proven its ability to do both. Watch the short video below to learn more about Sentricon System and why you should choose Select Exterminating as your choice for New York Termite Elimination.


The Termite Inspection

Select Exterminating will perform a comprehensive inspection of the home or business. When performing the inspection not only will we look for termites but also other wood destroying insects. During the inspection signs of damage as well as future preventative measures will be recommended. You need the rapid and thorough response of Select Exterminating Termite and Pest Control to solve the problem and save you time, money and anguish.