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If you are starting to see pests around, it can lead to you feeling unsafe in your own home. You may even start to fear what creatures are lurking in dark corners of rooms, basements, or attics. Not only can some of these pests cause structural damage, they may also cause physical harm to you, your loved ones, or even your pets. While you may think it’s okay to remove these pests yourself, the only way you can be sure that they are completely gone is to hire a professional pest removal company such as Select Exterminating. Hiring a professional exterminator can ensure you eliminate each and every pest that has found its way into your home. Our pest professionals know exactly where to look to find where the pests are and what needs to be done to ensure they are completely eradicated. Contact us today to learn how we can help you!

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No matter the pest, an infestation can make your life miserable. When left untreated pest problems can cause thousands of dollars in damage, bring health risks to your family and ruin your quality of life. Trying to treat these problems on your own can be costly and make the problem worse. Experienced professionals are the best way to ensure your pest problem is eliminated and does not return.

Select Exterminating has served New York & New Jersey for over 50 years, providing best in class residential and commercial extermination services. Whether it’s mice, termites, bed bugs, roaches, ants or even outdoor critters, Select Exterminating will help solve your pest problem. We will identify your pest and customize a plan that eliminates the problem. Our services are considerate of your family’s health and the environment.

Don’t let your pest problem go on any longer. Contact Select Exterminating and schedule to have one of our area experts give you an estimate today.

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“Your serviceman arrived in less than an hour of my phone call. I am so happy I have chosen to do business with Select.”

“Since we started with Select Exterminating in 2009 John has always been pleasant and professional whenever entering our home.”

“The service that I get from Select compares to none. We are fortunate to have you around.”

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Need one of our pest experts to come out to your home or business? Don’t worry, it’s free! Give us a call today to set up your complimentary inspection and estimate.

No need to wait weeks or months to get your pests removed. We will come out the same day that you call to immediately remedy the situation.

Select Exterminating has been family owned for over 50 years. Call us today to see why we’re one of the best pest control companies in the NY and NJ area.

Having pests in your home or business can be a serious issue. Call us day or night and we will come to fix any pest issue you may have.

Our technicians have all of the required pest control and exterminating training and licenses needed to properly and legally get rid of your pests.

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Our Sentricon Termite Baiting system is the only proven termite elimination system on the market. The Sentricon elimination system provides continued monitoring and protection of your home against invading termites. In addition, the Sentricon termite elimination system is a “Green” program.

Subterranean termites account for 5 billion dollars of damage to homes and businesses each year. With Sentricon, termites feed on our termite baiting stations and bring the bait back to the colony and the colony is eliminated. After elimination, the Sentricon elimination system continues to protect your home or business from new colonies.

Select Exterminating is a member of the Nation Pest Management Association founded in 1933. Members of the NPMA follow a code of ethics with a mission to provide protection of public health and property. This commitment is reflected both in the continuing education of pest management professionals and the dissemination of timely information to homeowners and businesses.

Quality Pro is a certification awarded by the National Pest Management Association to pest control companies that go above and beyond the minimum requirements for state licensing. The requirements for earning Quality Pro credentials include demonstrable environmental stewardship and implementation of industry “best practices.” The honor is considered the highest mark of excellence in the industry.

Quality Pro certification for schools is Select Exterminating’s commitment to protecting our children’s health by ensuring a pest free environment for our schools. Schools are sensitive environments and require the utmost care and expertise to control pests safely. Quality Pro Certification for schools requires pest management companies to illustrate knowledge above and beyond the industry standards for pest management in school environments.

Food environments require the highest level of training and education to identify the large number of food pests infesting food environments and food items. Understanding the biology and behavior of these unique pests is key to preventing pest infestations and keeping foods wholesome. Quality Pro Food certification illustrates Select Exterminating’s commitment to protecting our food. Restaurants, food plants and warehouses are all protected by our Quality Pro Professionals.