Mice & Rat Control

The problem is simple: Mice and rat infestations scare people and close businesses.

The solution is also simple: just call Select Exterminating for emergency service and a free evaluation and estimate.

Mice are small rodents that can multiply rapidly. They feed on stored products, bathroom accessories and all kinds of seeds including bird and lawn seed. Once inside an area, you will find their droppings where they forage for food. Their droppings are small, black, oval shaped and about the size of a grain of rice. Infestations can lead to odor problems, damage, and mess.

Rats are the rodents which will move into any structure. They can scale most surfaces and can climb up brick, stucco or wood siding. Once inside your property, they prefer to nest low in kitchens and bathrooms. Their droppings are about the size of a black or red bean.Larger rodent infestations may require one of our licensed wildlife removal experts.

A main key to rodent prevention is “Exclusion”!  Sealing rodents from a structure is paramount and part of a comprehensive rodent control program. Call the Select Exterminating Team for details.