Preparing For Treatment

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Facts About Bed Bugs

  • Bedbugs can live anywhere in the home.
  • Bedbugs are most active at night.
  • Temperatures between 70 F-80 F are most favorable for bedbugs.
  • The only way to truly get rid of bed bugs is through the help of a professional.

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What You Can Do To Prepare

  1. Remove all sheets, pillows, and bedding materials. Seal them in a plastic bag until they can be cleaned to prevent infestation from spreading.
  2. Wash sheets and bedding in soap and hot water. Items that cant be washed, such as bedspreads should be dried at high temperatures for (15 Minutes More than that and damage may occur.) at least one hour. This will be necessary for all clothing or bedding stored beneath beds or in dressers. where bed bugs are discovered. Bed bug females tend to migrate away from bedding to glue their eggs to adjacent areas which requires a comprehensive and thorough approach by professionals. can hide virtually anywhere which makes bed bug treatment hard to do on your own.
  3. Bag drapes, remove bags, and dry drapes at high temperatures for 15 minutes at least an hour. (Only high heat eliminates adults and eggs in these items.)
  4. Clean all floors of loose items (i.e. toys, change, trash, etc.), including from closets and interior storage areas. Inspect and wipe down all loose items and books with a damp rag and bag cleaned items,
  5. Vacuum entire carpet, especially the edges (with crevice attachment).
  6. Seal the vacuum bag in a plastic bag, and immediately discard in an outdoor trash bin. For bag-less uprights, dump contents into a plastic bag and discard in an outside trash bin.
  7. Ensure all items are removed from on top and within dressers, night stands, bookshelves, coffee tables, etc. All wood furniture must be turned over and inspected for bed bugs and their eggs, including CD and tape stands.
  8. Move all furniture and bed frames at least 18 inches from the wall, so we can inspect and treat carpet edge and baseboards where bed bugs prefer to hide.
  9. Lean mattresses and box springs against the wall for inspection and treatment of small crevices and tufts.
  10. Upholstered furniture (couches and chairs) will need to be inspected and treated. Remove and bag throws, pillows, and slip covers, and dry at high temperatures. Vacuum deep into crevices with crevice attachment.


Pet Considerations:

  1. Aquariums: Disconnect air pump(s) and cover tank with towel. (No more than 6 hours or fish may die)
  2. Birds, dogs, cats, and other pets must be completely removed from the residence for 4-6 hours after treatment.