LEED Certification

LEED Certifications for green buildingS

Select Exterminating will develop, implement, and maintain an indoor integrated pest management (IPM) plan, defined as managing indoor pests in a way that protects human health and the surrounding environment and that improves economic returns through the most effective, least-risk option. Select Exterminating's IPM program calls for using least-toxic chemical pesticides, minimum use of chemicals, use only in targeted locations, and use only for targeted species. Select Exterminating will routinely inspect and monitor. Select Exterminating's LEED plan includes the following elements, integrated with any outdoor IPM plan used for the site as appropriate:

Integrated methods, site or pest inspections, pest population monitoring, evaluation of the need for pest control and one or more pest control methods, including sanitation, structural repairs, mechanical, and living biological controls, other nonchemical methods, and if nontoxic options are unreasonable and have been exhausted, a least-toxic pesticide.

Specification of the circumstances under which an emergency application of pesticides in a building or on surrounding grounds being maintained by building management can be conducted without complying with the earlier provisions.

Communications strategy directed to building occupants that addresses universal notification, which requires notice of not less than 72 hours before a pesticide under normal conditions and 24 hours after application of a pesticide in emergency conditions, other than a least-toxic pesticide, is applied in a building or on surrounding grounds that the building management maintains.