Daycare Facilities

Keep Pests Away From Your Kids

When it comes to protecting our young children, say "no" to potential attacks from insects and vermin. Our Select Exterminating technicians know the child-proof and child-safe treatments that will keep daycare facilities pest and pesticide free.

Whether climbing and running in the playground, napping on the classroom floor, listening to a story while sitting on the reading rug, or snacking cookies and milk at their tables, our young children need to be protected from potential insects who can bite and infect them. And while we teach our youngsters lifetime sanitary habits, it's our responsibility to assure that they are not subjected to the less-than sanitary conditions at their centers.

So while you focus on the children, let Select Exterminating focus on your pest control needs. Our technicians will evaluate your facility's needs, recommend an ongoing program, and give you a free estimate of child-safe solutions and preventative programs.