Winter vs Insects & Rodents

Winter vs Insects & Rodents

There is a misconception that insects and rodents hibernate during the winter months.  Many believe there is no need for pest control once the cold weather approaches, but the opposite holds true.  Humans tend to bundle up and stay inside when it is cold, as do certain insects and rodents.

A significant amount of insects go dormant over the winter months, but certain ants, roaches, and other insects do not.  These insects that normally live outdoors seek shelter during the winter, and tend to become commonly seen indoors.  Without adequate treatment these pests will infest New York homes.  It is essential to use preventative measures to eliminate infestations from occurring indoors.

Just as these insects seek shelter so do countless rodents.  Rodents are extremely smart causing an even trickier situation to occur inside our homes.  Rodents have the ability to sense barometric pressure changes, providing them with the ability to sense when inclement weather is approaching.  In preparation for harsh weather rodents will make it their mission to find protection inside, and hoard food for them to weather the storm.  During snow storms people tend to see more rodents inside their homes.

It is never too late to get rid of these pests and regain control of your homes.  In the event that you see insects lingering, droppings from rodents, or noises heard around the house, be sure to contact Select Exterminating yours in pest elimination so that we can provide services to rectify the problem, and provide relief!