Termite Swarming Season

Termite Swarming Season

Termite swarming season is now beginning. Unfortunately the brutally cold New York winter we just had was not enough to effect termite populations, as they live underground and inside of our homes. Termite swarming season starts in March and lasts to the end of June. During this season, newly hatched termites surface to make new colonies. Alone, a termite isn’t terribly destructive, but when each tiny termite teams up with other termites in the colony, damage to homes can be devastating. Termites live with thousands to several million family members, all of whom work together in an organized system to find and use cellulose food sources to grow the colony. This cooperation is called “Swarm Intelligence”, and it helps explain why termites are so successful.

Termite Treatments

There are different options to choose from when deciding how to tackle a termite infestation. Trench digging and heavily equipped heat treatments are common termite solutions. However, recent technologies have brought about safer, more environmentally friendly options where instead of pesticides being sprayed directly into the soil, we now have green baiting stations that protect our groundwater. These termite baiting stations are cartons placed on the perimeter of a home, about every ten feet. Inside these carton stations, the termites will find and feed on a toxic bait instead of just untreated wood. The toxic bait will soon start killing off the termites and will then be spread to other termites in the colony as well. At Select Exterminating, we have done our research and due diligence and found that the Sentricon system is the safest and most effective program, hitting termites at the center of their colony.

Sentricon Termite Baiting System

It’s no wonder that the most popular termite baiting system available is Sentricon as it is a complete, all in one system. In a Sentricon system, after the termites have eaten the toxic wood inside the baiting stations, they are allowed to come and go as they please. One of the major jobs of a termite worker is to feed other members inside the colony. It does this by regurgitating the food it has eaten and in doing so, spreads the toxins that it has just consumed in the Sentricon system. For this to work effectively the toxin cannot work too fast, as the termites need to be given time to spread the poison. The Sentricon system takes this into account and ensures the necessary delay in order to be most effective ridding your home of termites for good.

Termite Annihilation

Once all of the termites are eliminated from the termite bait, there will be no one left to take care of the young or the queen and eventually the colony will die. Select Exterminating specializes in eliminating termites from your home and we are experienced in using the Sentricon baiting systems as an ongoing preventative measure to ensure a new colony of termites doesn’t try to invade. Be proactive and contact Select Exterminating today to schedule a termite inspection.