Termite Season In New York Is Coming Soon

Termite Season In New York Is Coming Soon

In just two weeks we will be ringing in the first day of spring.  We almost made it through the winter, and we can begin to enjoy the warm weather that is coming our way.  As the days get longer, and the flowers begin to bloom, we must remember that we are also welcoming termites.  Ladies and Gentlemen termite season is coming, so let’s make sure that we prepare ourselves for the upcoming season!

In New York termite season typically begins in late March, or when the temperature is fifty degrees or higher for several consecutive days.  During this time billions of subterranean termites take flight from their colonies, on a mission to find new homes, and with our help let’s make sure that you do not share your home with millions of termites.

Do not let these little critters fool you.  Termites infest millions of homes each year, and are responsible for more damage than nearly all storms and fires combined.  A mature termite colony can contain millions of termites, and nest in up to two acres of land.  Eastern Subterranean Termites are typically located in the ground, and travel through mud shelter tubes that protect them from predators, and extreme temperatures that are detrimental to their survival.

Termites feed off of timber (cellulose).  The worker termites will invade homes in search of timber, and digest it by the use of symbiotic protozoa in their guts.  They will then go back to their nests and feed the Queen termite, and remaining colony by a process called trophallaxis.  They regurgitate digested semi-liquid food through their mouth, or pass it from their anus to other termites.

Termites are engineered for survival, and have incredible survival skills.  They have a fully ordered caste system, and communicate using pheromone signals.  They enter homes through cracks in the floor, or may travel under floors through gaps less than 1/16 wide.  Some indicators that you may have a termite infestation are dead termites, wings around windows, dust left behind from the chewed up wood, sagging ceilings and floors, and termite droppings.

The damage that termites cause is devastating, and can cost thousands of dollars in repair.  Knowledge is vital!  If you are experiencing termites be sure to give us a call at Select Exterminating.  With our state of the art Sentricon systems; together we can ensure the safety of your home against these silent destroyers!