Solitary Wasps Come Out To Play

Solitary Wasps Come Out To Play

April showers are behind us, and we can now begin to enjoy May’s flowers.  As we put away our flannels, and open up our windows it is critical to remain cognoscente of our surroundings, and the insects that we share our world with.  When a person hears the word wasp, all sorts of images come to mind.  The spring time is when these insects come out to play, but not all wasps are dangerous.  Solitary wasps can appear intimidating however; for the most part they are passive insects.  Never the less the vast majority would prefer not the share their homes with them.

Solitary wasps can be referred to as any wasp that does not live amongst other wasps in an organized social group.  These classifications of wasps live by themselves, and are typically harmless, as opposed to social wasps.  The spring is when Solitary wasps begin to emerge, and mate.  They can range in size from ¼ to 2 inches in length, and come in various colors such as black, brown, red, yellow, or even blue.  Although they do have stingers they normally do not sting.  The only time to worry about being stung by a solitary wasp would be if one were to handle them in an aggressive nature, or if a nest is disrupted.  It is important to call your trusted exterminators here at Select Exterminating if a nest is found, because without the proper handling a person can be seriously stung.

Entomologist would be in agreement that these insects are quite beneficial.  Solitary Wasps tend to feed on spiders, as well as other insects.  They serve a greater purpose in the food chain, but they can cause harm with their stings.  If you or someone you know is experiencing solitary wasps in, or around their homes give us a call here at Select Exterminating.  We will be more than happy to help provide you and your families with a safe environment, so that you can enjoy the springtime!