New York and Unwanted Roaches

New York and Unwanted Roaches

Roaches are one of the most unwanted pests among household insects. Cockroaches are almost always associated with filth, garbage and grime. Most homeowners would rather keep a roach problem on the down low rather than admit to their neighbors that they suspect a roach infestation growing within the walls of their home. The fact that roaches can adapt to almost any environment doesn’t help homeowners out in knowing how to combat these filthy pests. Cockroaches are excellent scavengers, requiring only a reliable water source to thrive on. Roaches can fit through extremely small crevices, finding their way into your home and immediately searching for a prime spot to begin growing their colony.

Welcoming Cockroach Environments

Although roaches are associated with a filthy atmosphere, they can invade the cleanest of homes. Cockroaches can jump into a grocery bag, leap into your briefcase or arrive on one of your own house guests to gain access into your home. Most roaches have nocturnal habits, so you may not even realize they have arrived until a massive infestation has occurred. The three most important things for a roach are water, warmth and shelter. Your home is an excellent provider of all three.

Cockroaches love moist, humid areas where water is easily accessible. They also enjoy areas where there is minimal light making it easy for them to avoid being detected. If cockroaches are seen on your ceiling, then it is likely they got there from a crack in your crown molding or other cracks you may have in your walls. Other areas that cockroaches flock to are where there are pipes coming into your home. A leaky pipe can provide a home base for roaches and their families. Providing a reliable water source for them to grow their colony with. Another spot where cockroaches like to hide out is the cracks in your furniture.

Bacteria Spreading Roaches

Roaches are rarely known to bite, but have done so. One serious danger that roaches pose is their ability to carry dirty and harmful bacteria. The shiny and slimy film on the backs of a cockroach is where the bacteria is carried. The cockroach has been known to carry such bacteria as salmonella, staphylococcus and streptococcus. The cockroach can also harbor viruses such as polio virus.

To eliminate a higher risk of roaches coming into your home, be sure to get rid of any garbage immediately. Don’t allow left over food to sit around in the sink or on the table. Although roaches invade clean homes as well as untidy houses, food that is left out is just a bonus for them. If you suspect that roaches have invaded your home, it is time to contact a professional. Select Exterminating will destroy cockroaches from your home and make sure that they never return. Our technicians are skilled and experienced in dealing with roach infestations. Select Exterminating will permanently remove roaches from your home.