Going Green

Going Green

Today’s consumers have a strong desire to protect our planet for future generations, and are doing so by using products that are environmentally friendly. This includes green pesticides that are low risk to our planet, animals, and people.

Here at Select Exterminating we are proud to say that we have hopped on the band wagon.  We are Green Pro Certified®, and offer a green only pest management program for customers that have made the choice to go green.

Our green only pest management program provides effective control of insects using low risk materials to control pests.  Our green products are low in toxicity, and control insects by blocking a neurotransmitter that is only found in insects called octopamine.  These natural products are made from plant and botanical oils.  Mother Earth products are a favorite that we incorporate into our green services.

If you are experiencing issues with insects, and are looking for service give us a call.  We are committed to meeting your needs, and helping the environment in the process!