Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Bed Bug Control In NYC Apartments

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Bed Bug Control In NYC Apartments

1. Am I responsible for controlling bedbugs in my apartment?

No. It is the responsibility of the landlord to maintain a pest free apartment regardless of how bedbugs migrated into the apartment.  The health department can be contacted for more information on this issue should your landlord be uncooperative.

2. Is it possible for me to have obtained bedbugs from a neighboring apartment?

Yes. Studies have shown that 20% of apartments adjacent to infested apartments will have bedbug activity.

3. Should I discuss my bedbug problem with other tenants in the building?

Yes.  No one has control to prevent bedbugs from entering apartments.  Understanding the extent of the problem in the building will aid in insuring everyone cooperates with getting treatments to prevent activity from migrating throughout the building. In one of our buildings we performed an educational training program to management, posted notices with pictures of bedbugs and bedbug bites and over several months we noticed a reduction in treatments as a result of teaching the tenants early detection.

4. Should I dispose of my bed when I find bedbugs on my bed frame or mattress?

No.  Usually, furniture can be treated for control but in some situations if the furniture is badly infested or ripped, the professional pest management technician may recommend removal of the item but that is not common.  We have been able to successfully treat and eliminate bedbugs from most furniture.