A Digger Be Is What I See

A Digger Be Is What I See

Summer has officially begun.  The nine month wait is over, and we can finally enjoy star filled summer nights; filled with lingering traces of barbeque and laughter.  Before we kick off our sandals, and lay down in the grass, as always we must remember to respect nature’s creatures that co-exist with us in the great outdoors.

What’s a summer without the sounds of screams coming from people running away from bees?  Did you know that digger bees comprise 60% of bee species in New York?  Digger bees are ¼ to 2 inches long; varying in color from dull black and brown to vibrant shades of red, yellow, and blue.  They typically come out in the spring and summer time, and can be found all over Long Island, and the five boroughs.

Digger Bees can be categorized as one of countless solitary bees.  A tell-tale sign of an infestation would be small holes in the ground.  They make subterranean burrows in lawns, by lakes, sand, mud, and especially in grassy areas.  Their nesting grounds can be extremely large containing several thousand nests.  The burrows are about the diameter of a pencil, and normally next to one another.

Although digger bees are known to be docile, and normally do not sting; they can be quite dangerous, and when their nests are disrupted they will sting.  The male digger bees do not sting, only the females.  Just like the sting of other bees, they can be treacherous and put a person at risk of a serious allergic reaction, even leading to fatality.

Many people believe that they can eradicate infestations on their own, but they run the risk of being harmed.  Our technicians are highly trained to service, and eliminate digger bees, as well as their nests.  With 24/7 emergency service, make sure to call your favorite exterminators here at Select Exterminating!