Bed Bug Treatment Methods

Select exterminating NYC Bed Bug treatment protocal

What Select Exterminating Includes in a NY Bed Bug Service

- 2 treatments performed approximately 7-10 days apart

- 60 day warranty should bedbugs return after the treatment


- Inspect area before service is performed to determine the level of infestation.

- Bag items that can be treated with a prostrip

- Vacuum all baseboards, furniture, bed frames, mattress, etc. with a HEPA vacuum to ensure all adults and nymphs are removed

- Remove outlet and switch plate covers and dust lightly around the box into the wall

- Treat all cracks and crevices of moldings with dust including baseboards, closets, furniture, picture frames, headboards, etc. Remove dresser drawers and treat framework of dresser, all sides of drawers and underneath

- Spot treat baseboards and other areas with a residual pesticide

- Steam mattress and boxspring and follow-up with covering both with bed bug covers

- Treat bed frame

- Treat perimeter baseboards

- Treat living room, couches, love seat, recliner, end tables, coffee table etc. Treat seaks of cushions, remove cushions, flip over couch and treat underneath.