Diagnosing Your Ant Problem

Once you contact us, the problem is ours—not yours.

You can rely on our expertise to figure out exactly what's going on and how to treat it. Then we'll recommend the most effective and efficient way to get rid of the ant problem quickly and thoroughly.

House ants are one of Long Island's most abundant pests. Below you will find a brief description to identify if you have Ants in your home. You can also email a picture to info@selectexterminating.com or call our office at 800-311-6655.

Ants just like humans need three things in life to survive: food, water, and shelter all of which can be found in your home or business. The goal with the Select Exterminating pest management program helps you eliminate and control all aspects of your home. The leaking faucet in your bathroom or kitchen may just be why the ants have entered your home.

Size: 1/16 of an inch in length

Color: Black

Activity: Ants form mounds in front of homes in brick work as well as in lawns. Ant activity in walkway pavers can undermine the paving stones by displacing the sand from underneath.  Immediate treatment can eliminate costly repairs!